Perk Up Your Ears With Your Favourite Music and Podcasts

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People are always looking for ways to pass the time or fill the auditory void when travelling, working out or going shopping. So what better way to help with this silence beast than to offer you a selection of Music and Podcast Apps. Some of which you may have heard of, others on the other hand are waiting to be explored.

No.1 Pandora - Music & Podcasts

Pandora - Music & Podcasts


Music & Audio


- Stations catered to your tastes

- Create playlists

- Download to listen offline (Subscription only)

- Over 1400 available Podcasts

Pandora is all about trying to give you what you want most instead of random songs that you really don’t want to listen to. Simply tell Pandora what songs and artists you enjoy listening to and you will get plenty of relevant suggestions and playlists waiting for you every time you open the App.

If Podcasts are your thing, then Pandora has you covered. With over 1400 Podcasts, you are sure to find a new favourite or even a new podcast by someone you have already listened to before. Again Pandora looks to find you something new based on your previously listened to Podcasts.


Another feature I like is how you can find more underground or obscure songs and artists. With dedicated stations to artists that don’t get mainstream attention or even stations filled with songs that are popular with other Pandora users. Find a new artist or song you like? Just click on the song to add them to your playlists.

Pandora is a really convenient App for those who want a more personal experience without all the extra hassle. Pandora also links to your wearable tech, so if you’re on a run and want to swap playlists without getting your phone out, you can do that on your watch instead.

No.2  Spotify: Music and Podcasts

Spotify: Music and Podcasts

Music & Audio


- One of the largest libraries of songs and Podcasts

- Create your own playlists or listen to Spotify created ones

- Music can be found by choosing a genre or even mood

- Link to your Mobile, Tablet and Computer

- Download both songs and Podcasts to listen offline (Spotify Premium)

Quite possibly the most popular Music App on the market right now. I’m sure Spotify needs no introduction however it could also be due to its popularity that you may have skipped it. Although I will say to get the most out of Spotify, you will need a subscription. Almost everything is available without a subscription but there are a lot of adverts interrupting you if you don’t so you should bear that in mind. 

Spotify offers the largest variety of music, with literal millions of available songs to listen to at any given time. Creating your own playlists, adding new liked songs or following artists is incredibly simple to do. You can even download these playlists to listen to offline whenever you want. Better yet, if you have Spotify on your phone and PC, you can seamlessly switch between the two and continue listening from where you left off.

Spotify also boasts a massive amount of Podcasts to listen to, which again you can download and save. There is even a handy feature which lets you pause your song on Podcast and continue from where you left off, the following day or even week if you have been busy. Also if you have been busy, each week Spotify provides you with new playlists such as the release calendar which compiles all the newest songs from your favourite artists or the For You Mix which gives you suggestions based on your Liked Songs.

Spotify is my personal go to Music and Podcast App so it’s an obvious choice for me to recommend to you. Having so many musical choices, simple to use interface and Podcasts which I frequently listen to (might I recommend The Adventure Zone and The Besties) all in one place, there is no doubt you will see the appeal of Spotify too.

No.3  SiriusXM: Music & Sports

SiriusXM: Music & Sports


Music & Audio


- Exclusive Artist channels

- Personalised stations based on your favourite artists

- Live Sports radio stations

- Exclusive Podcast channels

SiriusXM is quite simply the modern day Radio App. Easily customised to your tastes with over 400 channels (Depending on your subscription plan), there is no shortage of stations, songs, news and talk shows for you to enjoy. Including exclusive stations by Eminem, U2 and Garth Brooks.

With one of the largest selections of Sporting stations and talk shows, SiriusXM gives a great alternative to listening to music on the go. Covering multiple genres and support from major national channels such as CNN, FOX News, MSNBC and BBC World Service News, you can stay up to date with the latest politics at the press of a button.

SiriusXM also offers a variety of original podcasts and talk shows exclusive to this App. Most notably 2 channels hosted by Howard Stern. You even have the choice of listening to play by plays for select live sporting events.

So if you are wanting to stay up to date on all the current happenings, whether it’s News, Politics or Sport, I can easily recommend this App. With Podcasts and channels being personalised to you based on your favourites, you will be sure to find a new host to listen to each day.

No.4  iHeart: Music, Radio, Podcasts

iHeart: Music, Radio, Podcasts


Music & Audio


- Includes live and local Radio stations

- Updated weekly playlists based on your preferences

- Download songs and Podcasts to listen offline (Subscription only)

- Listen to the Top 100 Podcasts updated every week

- Listen to the latest Sports news

iHeart has been rising up the ranks as an all round entertainment App. Even becoming the number App for Podcasts. Better yet you can link to listen to local radio stations on top of the provided stations already a part of the App. And of course, you can personalise your favourite stations and Podcasts.

iHeart offers a huge selection of radio stations, including ESPN Radio and Fox Sports Radio. Making this a go to App for those of you wanting to keep up to date with the latest NFL, MLB, NBA, Soccer, Tennis and Golf scores or news. Even better, you have stations hosted by the world’s best sporting personalities. Music stations offered include artists and songs from your favourite genres such as R&B, Hip Hop, EDM, Rock and Dance just to name a few.

As mentioned with iHeart becoming the best Podcast App currently, you know it has plenty to offer. Podcasts hosted by NPR, ESPN, Ron Burgundy, Anna Fari, Joe Rogan and Ben Shapiro are just a few of the more well known Podcasts. Being able to download these Podcasts and listen to them at 0.5x, 1x, 1.25, 1.5x and 2x speeds gives you an experience perfect for your listening pleasure.

I can easily recommend iHeart to those of you who enjoy Podcasts, just based on the amount of choices you have. Coupled with the added features and extra News stations it will surely become a go to App for you. Switching from Music to News then to a Podcast all on the same App is highly appealing.

No.5  TouchTunes



Music & Audio


- Personalise your playlists

- Use TouchTunes to play songs at over 65,000 bars and restaurants

- Earn credits to play songs in any country for free

- Connect TouchTunes to Spotify

Touchtunes is a little different than the other Apps mentioned. Instead of listening to these songs at home or on the go, it’s an ideal App for times when you are eating a meal or spending time with friends.

Using over 65,000 hotspots, you can link your very own playlists to online Jukeboxes to play your favourite songs for everyone to enjoy. Eating a meal at a relaxing restaurant, then all you need to do is open the App, press to play your song and make the mood even better.

TouchTunes is available in a large variety of countries so you can earn credits by playing songs at multiple locations, then take your favourites playlists on your travels and play them at your nearest bar when abroad. Better yet, you can even link your Spotify account to your TouchTunes account giving you an even larger music selection.

While Touchtunes is a very specific App, there’s no doubt it is incredibly useful for those looking for a way to link their favourite music to their favourite places when on a night out. So if you want to be a travelling DJ, TouchTunes is easily worth trying out.

So there you have it. 5 Apps each with their own unique selling points but all having the same goal. To conquer your boredom. I can’t wait to hear what new songs, Podcasts and Talk shows you have started listening to thanks to these Apps. Who knows, maybe they’ll be my new favourites too.



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