Bringing Every Sporting Event Into The Palm Of Your Hand

Edited by Editorial Team2022-04-19

I love watching live sports. For me it’s the greatest version of reality TV. You never know when the next Cinderella story is going to happen. So to help with this and to please all you other sporting fanatics out there, I’m going to discuss 5 ways in which we can enjoy watching our favourite players and teams all in the comfort of our hands.

No.1 Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports: Watch NBA Games




- Watch live events including NFL and NBA matches

- Live scores, schedules and statistics

- Push notifications for your favourite teams and players

- Exclusive News and interviews

Yahoo Sports is a great App which covers a wide range of sports. Although it may seem to focus solely on the NBA, perhaps due to sponsorship, almost every Sport has some coverage through this App. Whether you are looking for the latest News, scores or just want to know when the next event is happening, you’ll find plenty to browse through this App.

Yahoo Sports streams many live matches, even allowing you to watch on multiple devices at once, a great feature for those of you who enjoy watching multiple sports. Better yet Yahoo Sports also hosts exclusive interviews and stories that you won’t be able to see anywhere else.

Another useful feature for those of you who like to follow specific teams or athletes, Yahoo Sports will give you notifications when a match starts, a new interview has been uploaded or provide key score updates for anyone you choose to follow. Saving you from scanning the App to get to exactly what you are looking for.

Yahoo Sports is a convenient App for anyone looking for an all in one App with coverage for almost every major sport including NBA, NFL, MLB, Golf, Soccer and Tennis to name just a few. They even provide information on College football. It’s an App that I easily recommend you try out. 

Yahoo Sports






- One of the largest live Sports streaming catalogues 

- ESPN exclusive podcast and radio

- ESPN original talk shows

- Easy to follow your favourite athletes or teams

For you sports lovers I’m sure ESPN needs no introduction. It is one of, if not THE leading sports streaming channel. So you can expect to see a huge amount of content appearing everyday on this App. From exclusive interviews, exclusive live coverage and even ESPN exclusive talk shows and radio stations. There is so much content available on this App.

Thanks to the coverage rights there will be live events happening pretty much any time you open this App and are waiting for you to watch them in HD. Including live tournaments from the NFL, NBA, MLB, Golf, Soccer and major Tennis events. ESPN will keep you from getting bored no matter where you are or the time of day you want to consume any sporting goodness.

Not able to watch the matches live but want to keep up to date? Well tap the ESPN radio and listen to it in the background while you continue to work or do some DIY around the house. Watched the match live already and need to watch some of your favourite points or plays? Well you can guarantee that you’ll have the highlights available shortly after the match has finished.

The ESPN App is my most recommended App today. You cannot argue with the sheer amount of content available to you. With so many tournaments being exclusive to ESPN it’s hard for competitors to match what this App has to offer.


No.3 NFL





- Live local and primetime games

- Watch the Playoffs and Superbowl live

- NFL Combine and Draft coverage

The NFL App is the go to place for all you Football fans. Thanks to the specific nature of this App you can get everything you want from the NFL all in one place. Whether you are looking for live coverage or need your fix of the daily highlights, you’ll find whatever you need right here.

This App offers up to the minute scoring so you don’t need to worry about missing any important changes. Want to know the current form of your favourite team or players? Well just read the latest exclusive articles, stories and breaking news at any time. 

The NFL App even lets you check out the latest stats for all the teams and players allowing you to keep tabs of those who are on the rise and anyone who is slipping down the rankings. Fingers crossed it’s not your favourite team that’s not pulling their weight this season.

You really can’t beat the NFL App when it comes to satisfying your Football tastes. With its live coverage of local and primetime games as well as providing you with highlights soon after the games have finished. There is plenty to watch and enjoy in this App.


No.4 NBC Sports

NBC Sports




- Includes rights to NBC Sports, Golf Channel and Olympic Channel

- Watch live events from multiple camera angles

- Full event replays

- Up to date event statistics

NBC Sports is another largely famous name within the sporting world. Known mostly for its Olympic and Golf coverage, NBC Sports has plenty more to offer to its users. Covering live events such as NFL Sunday Night Football, PGA Tour, Premier League and the French Open to name a few.

Thanks to the rights to so many events, NBC Sports will give you a vast amount of coverage for your favourite sports, even more so if you are a Golf or Olympic fan. There is no doubt that while you can watch many other sports, these two have a greater selection of videos and the latest statistics for you to choose from.

My favourite features within this App are the event replays. Being able to watch a tournament in its entirety once it has concluded is a great option to have. I’m sure there has been a time when you have missed a must see match for one reason or another, this however stops that from happening again. Better yet you even have the option to watch certain events from multiple different camera angles.

The NBC Sports App is a highly useful App for a good number of sports fans. I especially love the addition of closed caption support. I personally prefer watching my matches with the captions on, just in case I miss something important while chatting to my friends.

NBC Sports

No.5 FOX Sports: Watch Live

FOX Sports: Watch Live




- Stream all FOX Sports events with live stats and highlights

- Real time alerts and scores

- Personalised News feed

- Provides the latest betting odds

The new and improved FOX Sports App brings with it many new features waiting for you to take advantage of. Each user can personalise their experience thanks to the addition of a customisable feed. Keep up to date with all the latest news, stories, interviews and highlights relevant to your interests.

FOX Sports offers a great amount of covering when it comes to the available sports on this App. These include MLB, NFL, WWE Smackdown, Tennis, Soccer, Rugby and NASCAR with many more also available to stream live at your fingertips. FOX Sports all provides you with exclusive talk shows and radio stations.

Unable to watch your favourite tournament or matches for the day? Well FOX Sports provides you with the top stories for the day including all the upsets and best matches over the past 24 hours. Want a different viewing experience for the current live match? Again FOX Sports has you covered thanks to the multiple different camera angles available for you to choose.

It’s easy for me to recommend FOX Sports to you thanks to the personalised feed alone. We all love a simple to use App and having everything relevant to what you want to keep track of, right there on the main screen is hugely appealing. So what are you waiting for? Go select your favourite teams and players and read up on their latest news and interviews.

Fox Sports

And there we have it. 5 Sporting Apps ready for you to install and make full use of their features. I’m sure you are the same as I am and can’t wait to dive into all the latest interviews as well as rewatch the highlights of the best matches for the day. Or maybe you just want to do a little bit of cheeky scouting to see if the next opponent for your favourite player could cause an upset.


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