Outer Wilds - Embark on a Journey to Explore the Solar System

Edited by Editorial Team2021-11-04

From the first sprouts of life underwater, the giant beasts of the Stone Age, to the first human beings to walk upright. This beautifully complex azure planet has gone through a lot. As the pace of science and technology continues to progress, people begin to focus on the wider world. Breaking through the atmosphere and going to outer space, the dream of flying not only exists in murals, but also becomes the first step for mankind to explore the vast starry sky. When we take a bird's-eye view of the planet from a grander perspective, we find that earth is a dazzling blue in the endless darkness, but what kind of mysteries lurk in the center of the dark universe. Will we find alien ruins on the moon? The answer to how the endless loop of time can be broken lies in the vastness of space, and there is a game that allows us to find the answers to these questions.

When we talk about planet exploration games, I believe that many people have their own answers in their hearts. Kerbal Space Program? plans to use word of mouth and influence to expand its territory for itself. It has proved its strength in tinkering. In these games, there are also some excellent works that have excellent quality and successfully present a vast universe in the form of the Ninth Art to players. However, after careful analysis, we will find that in this category of Video Games, they share some common features, such as the overly bloated spaceship building simulation system, the more scene-oriented starship battles, and the heart-wrenching turn-based strategy system.

However, there is a game that may not earn the title of best interstellar exploration game, but retains the essence and redefines what a magnificent interstellar epic should be. This game is Outer Wilds.

The story of Outer Wilds focuses on an alien race called the Haas. Primitive technology has injected vitality into their survival, and their determination to explore, allows them to travel freely between multiple universes. They can explore the sky by driving a wooden spaceship. The first explorers had roughly explored these planets, bringing back the remains of the ancient civilization of Nomai.

In the game, you take on the role of a new astronaut, who is just starting out, and takes a translator into space for the first time. Rely on clues to understand how the civilization with advanced technology went into extinction, explore the reasons behind that series of events, and unlock the mysteries of those lost civilizations.

As a space adventure game, Outer Wilds allows us to explore a mini solar system within a certain period of time, perceive the darkness and the unknown, and explore the mysteries of the galaxy in the vast universe. In the game, in addition to the traditional art of spaceship driving, we can also visit different planets, communicate with the local aborigines, just like going to different islands, learn various space knowledge, and also can operate and make some Fun props to flesh out our space journey.

It is worth mentioning that, compared to conventional space simulation games, Outer Wilds is more like directing a wonderful adventure for us. Although the game's screen is slightly rougher than the AAA masterpiece, the setting is very charming. In a miniaturized solar system, each planet is so small that you need a certain level of maneuverability to park the spacecraft on it. The environment of these planets is not set in stone, and with any luck you will encounter strange creatures.

When starting this adventure, the difficulty which lies ahead of you, is experienced within the first few minutes based on the decisions you make. Since every planet in the galaxy has hidden murderous intentions, every detail we ignore may be a huge threat.

The game's plot setting also illustrates the element that we'll be caught in a cycle of time that keeps looping, like the Butterfly Effect and Edge of Tomorrow movies, where each of our rebirths will contain previous memories. As players, we will also experience the journey of returning from the dead and then re-adventuring again and again.

After repeated experiences that end in death, we will also gradually learn more about this small galaxy. Of course, it's not realistic to reset and completely explore every planet in as little as twenty minutes, so each time you take off, you must be fully prepared and have clarity in the objective you want to accomplish. Do you focus on exploring or , do you unlock the mysteries hidden in the depths of the universe? Even though our explorers have been to many different universes, the knowledge they have is minimal thanks to the depth and vastness of each universe. Therefore, we need more specific details to help us prepare for the future. Otherwise, there may be cases of forgetting to put on a space suit when arriving at a strange planet due to our eagerness..Space exploration requires great attention to even the most minute details, many times dangers can be avoided thanks to careful preparation. Every decision is crucial as one simple mistake could lead to a great catastrophe.

It is worth mentioning that the game includes a lot of decryption elements in addition to galaxies. For example, if we want to understand the complete history of the Nomai people, we must learn to understand and use the relevant skills to decipher them. In the game, we can even learn some basic knowledge about quantum physics, and this knowledge will become our underlying thinking structure when understanding the game , to help us better explore the mysteries of the galaxy.

It is precisely because of the diverse game elements that Outer Wilds has more room for imagination. Learning so much from various genres, like the roguelike, competitive shooters and even MMOs. Outer Wilds has taken elements from each and Ithas composed a symphony for us to explore the mysteries of the starry sky.

Outer Wilds allows our simple hearts to be affected by the vast universe, just like a traveler listening to the singing of a bard in a strange continent. If time is a dimension, then this virtual space gives us many beautiful moments making us want to stop and stay for eternity.

Are you ready? The distant planets await you, bonfires are already lit and the mysteries are calling out to you. It’s time to set sail.


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